What happened to my previous photography blog?

If you’ve stumbled upon this site you’re probably thinking it looks a bit sparse for a photography blog. I maintained regular posts for a number of years writing about photography and sharing my photo-shoots. My wedding photography website took priority though, and my portrait blog became somewhat neglected. My situation is different in 2018. I’ve decommissioned the wedding photography business, and my focus going forwards is on portrait photography. The blogging platform I had been using became out-of-date and unsupported. I knew that I needed to replace my blogging tools. Welcome to my new blog! I decided not to keep the old posts in the archives as the image sizing and overall formatting wasn’t compatible with the new blog design.

New web domain name and new location: Orlando, Florida

Anyone that has visited my portrait photography portfolio or blog before, may have noticed that the hostname of my web address has changed from martingriffiths.co.uk to martingriffiths.photography. I’ve recently become a resident of the United States and I now live in Orlando, Florida. The previous ‘.co.uk’ was a country specific top level domain for the United Kingdom. I decided it is better to have a website address that is photography centric and relevant worldwide. The new ‘.photography’ top level domain seems like the perfect option.

New photography blog and content

I may update and repost a few of the previous posts that I consider to still be relevant and of value to people. With regards to new content and subject matter, I’m planning to post more equipment and technique related articles to help others. Please let me know if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on the new blog, .

Please take a look at my portrait photography portfolio site while you are waiting for new blog content.

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